Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

Comparision Table for Southwest NE Public HD and Nebraska in 2010
IndicatorsSouthwest NE Public HDNebraska
Physical heatlh not good on 14 or more of past 30 days10.18.33
Past month binge drinking20.1820.06
Overweight or obese
Current cigarette smoking13.3917.39
General health fair/poor9.5111.56
No health care coverage among 18-64 year olds13.414.17
No personal doctor or healthcare provider13.1915.08
Had a routine checkup in past 12 months54.9155.94
Needed to see a doctor but could not due to cost in past 12 months9.7910.87

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Developed in Collaboration with PHAN, NDHHS and LLCHD